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(Archived) Notebook Sharing

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I am a premium user, sharing a notebook with a non premium user


my question is:

what if i share a audio note whose size is 80 mb

will the non premium user still be able to access/read/download/edit as well?

considering their monthly limit is only 60 mb

will it in some way count toward their monthly limit also or only mine?

but again, how can they sync and see the 80 mb note when their limit is only 60 mb?


can someone please clarify on this aspect of sharing, thank you

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Love your product.  I'm still using the free version but had a close call with loing my laptop which got me wondering what my options are for daily synching my laptop evernote content so that I could have it available on my home PC?  Would I do a daily export of html or would I share this via some sort of email of the contents?  Thanks for taking the time to answer this inquiry.


Best Regards,


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