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Note Merging and Auto Title

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I really don't like the huge, ugly formatted headers that divide the note when merging notes. Mostly, I merge autoimported photos with existing text notes, which means I get a completely unnecessary huge second title before the text and then a huge "IMG12345.jpg", both with a strange blue background where I really want - nothing. 


And, I've already written about this topic before, but please give me an option to NOT change a note's title after it has been saved. What happens is this:


I merge 2 notes. They get the huge titles within the note that I do not want. I delete the first huge title, and  - the title of the note gets changed to the first line of the note. :(


To get what I want, I have to


- delete 2 lines of huge text within the note that are created although I do not want them

- change the title back to what I want it to be, although it already was right before! 


These are 2 really unnecessary steps costing time and attention. It is not helpful, and additionally, it takes a few seconds to wait for the unnecessary title change. 


[ETA] I'm using the latest beta, if that is of interest.

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I agree completely with chronistin. I use merge most frequently for clips of sites with multiple pages (like specs, features, etc. for a product), and the enormous titles that auto-injected as spacers are annoying and I always have to go back and delete them. Please make this a user option! (Do it at the Merge button: "Merge" and "Merge without titles".)


Also, the fact that the note title changes automatically is extremely irritating. This happens all the time to me, not just in merges. Also in copy/paste situations the title of an existing note is often converted to the the content of the new first line of the note. Why would I want that?



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+1 Those gigantic blue headers are horrible, and now with the new version is even more difficult to get rid of them! I think there should be an option not to put them when you merge notes.

+1 change the gigantic blue headers to something which is more unobtrusive

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