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(Archived) Mail (mac app) and Evernote



Hello everyone,


Can anyone help? How can I save an email from MAIL (mac app) strait to EVERNOTE? I can not believe there is no other way to save an email from the mac client MAIL to EVERNOTE with out having to actually send (by hitting the transfer button) an email to the EVERNOTE's dedicated account email. There must be a simplest and more direct way. I tried dragging the email strait from MAIL to EVERNOTE but I get an error message (see attachment).


I've been searching all over the web but I can't find any solutions. Does anyone know of a solution?


Thanks for the help.




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So it is possible to do this, but there is a caveat. 



You can attach individual messages, but NOT conversations. If you have Mail combine multiple related messages into a conversation, you cannot select the conversation and drag it to Evernote. You must select an individual message by moving your cursor to the top of the message, near the message header, at which point the pointer should turn into a hand, and you can drag that message to Evernote. 


In my testing, this works well. I can drag any single email to evernote and it is attached to a note. I can then double click the attachment and the message opens up just fine. 



Let me know if this works for you.


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Hi, thanks for the reply. No it doesn't work, I get the same error message. I'm not interested in having the email as an attachment (having to double click on it to open it up) I'm hoping to find a way of being able to simply save/ transfer an email into Evernote with out having to go through the procedure of sending an email to myself (via Evernote's dedicated email address). Omnifocus have an excellent and easy way of doing this. 


I'm sorry if I'm not explaining my issue very well, thanks for the help anyway.

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