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(Archived) Down with low contrast fonts!

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The current trend to use low-contrast gray fonts severly impedes site readability. Continued reading of material on these sites such as EverNote leads to fatigue and frustration.


We can adjust fonts and font sizes, but nowhere have I seen a remedy for low-contrast fonts.


I am not visually disables, but I do work on computer screens all day.


http://contrastrebellion.com/ provides very good reasons to kill low-contrast gray fonts!


If Evernote insists on using gray fonts, please, PLEASE allow a setting to kill the gray fonts and replace them with with readable fonts. This applies not only to gray, but to all other pastel font colors.


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You make a great point. I agree completely, this is definitely an issue related to usability and every company needs to consider this, and not just for those with impairments, indeed, for all users. 

However, I have never really thought Evernote to be terribly guilty of this. You seem to suggest it is an issue with an Evernote website, I just went to Evernote's home page and everything seems reasonably high contrast, where specifically are you seeing poor contrast?

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