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(Archived) Minor change to email import syntax parsing?

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Hi Evernote team,


I love that you can forward emails to Evernote to create new notes, and I love that you can set tags from the subject line with '#' and '@' modifiers.  I have a problem because I have some important tags with special characters (e.g., "@Home").  People inspired by thesecretweapon.org will probably have the same "@<location>" tags set up.  Tags with '@' or '#' characters are currently ignored (as the support page does state).


Would it be possible to amend the email subject line parsing to allow for direct quotations of tags? 

For example, the email subject line "My email subject line text @MyNotebook #"@Home" #tag2 #tag3"  would create a note titled "My email subject line" in notebook "MyNotebook" with tags "@Home", "tag2", and "tag3".


Or maybe treat everything as text after the first @ or # until the next space character?

So the email subject line "My subject line text #@Home" would make a note with the tag "@Home".


Thanks for making a great product,


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