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(Archived) RSS feed does not contain full content

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For public notebooks, Evernote provides an RSS feed. But unfortunately this feed does not contain the full content. Is there an option that I didn't see and that would enable Evernote to put the full content in the RSS feed?

My use case goes as follows: I would like to use the RSS to create an epub bundle through http://feedbooks.com/. I can then download the bundle and read it offline with the great Stanza iPhone application. Ideally, Evernote could create the epub directly, bypassing FeedBooks, making the process simpler, and adding value to Evernote.


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So we're in 2012 now. How many years to wait to have full content in the rss feeds ?

Evernote is a useful tool to take notes about everything. There's many apps to send content to evernote. Cool. And then ? How can we extract the content to use it elsewhere without copy and paste ?

Evernote could be a main tool in many processes if notes contents could be extracted automatically in some ways...

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