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(Archived) Evernote on work computer


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I use a work laptop running Windows 7; I've always used a personal laptop as well, but now I'm interested in minimizing my backpack poundage and want to run Evernote on my work PC. If I download Evernote to my work PC, is there any way to exclude it from my employer's daily backups to the server? My employer is progressive and I don't think they're interested in my Evernote data, but I do want to keep it private. 

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There will probably be some part of your PC's disc that doesn't get backed up, as Scott says you should talk to your backup admin to find out for sure.


If it's all backed up or the area that isn't turns out to be unsuitable for Evernote's files, then one option would be to create an encrypted container to place your Evernote files in. With TrueCrypt for example you can create an encrypted file that behaves as a virtual disc. When it's backed up you can be sure that the contents are inaccessible to anyone else without the decryption password.


I'd go for the encrypted container solution personally, that way you can be confident that your data remains confidential and backed-up.

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