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(Archived) How long does OCR and seeing the text in my images take?

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How long does it take for images to get indexed with the words in them? I am a free user... my understanding from reviews is that it could take a few hours... im going on about 15 without any words in the images.... (how do i know the words are in the images are found). I wish there was a better sense of where this was in terms of getting the OCR out of it.

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Under normal conditions, images in Premium accounts are processed within a minute or two after they are synchronized to the service. Images in Free accounts may take a bit longer, depending on traffic volume, but rarely take more than 5-10 minutes.

Unfortunately, we had a problem with our image processing libraries on Thursday and Friday which caused a major backlog in the image processing queue. We fixed the problem on Friday morning, but it took until about 6pm (California time) before it could work through the backlog.

This is the reason for a delay in the last couple of days.

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Thanks, that got me there. I also noticed (and you probably already know this) but when going to that link in the chrome browser I see the evernote borders but no content.

Just thought I'd mention it.

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