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(Archived) Clipping articles from tablet magazine & paper apps

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I read a lot of papers and magazines on my ipad and Nexus 7. Often I want to clip data from this apps to Evernote. But these apps are protected from doing this/selecting text etcetera. . This is kinda ridiculous because often it are recipes I want to keep in my Recipe notebook. If I had the paper version I could have done this easily with my iX500 scanner.


Now I have to zoom at pages, make a screenshot and put these images into a note. It's not a very speedy process. Are there beter ways I don't know to do this?




Bram Heerink

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You want something like a screen capture utility? I'd have to look in the Google store for that, you're just as capable as I am in doing that...


You are right in one way. But I have looked at those apps and a lot of them require a rooted device to be smarter in making screenshots. I don't know if there is a solution for my problem. Perhaps people here experienced the same problem in protected content apps but found a smarter way in getting the content in Evernote. Would be nice if screenshots in Android would go automatically to Evernote. Can always trash & merge notes.

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Well, the content owners apparently don't want you to be easily clipping their protected content. You might want to try contacting them directly and letting them know how you feel. 


On my iPhone, I use the ifttt.com app to automatically push screen shots to Evernote. The app indicates it supports iPads as well. 

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