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(Archived) send notes automatically to notebook

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You say "At the end of the subject line". 


Order of operations

This MAY be your problem. Are you specifying any other metadata such as tags or due dates in the subject line? there is a special order for metadata in the subject line:


Note Title   @notebook   #tags    !reminder


However, if you are only specifying notebook, then ordering doesn't matter because there is only one item (the @notebook).


Case Sensitivity

Another thing to make sure is that you have the case correct. For example, if your notebook is "am" make sure your subject line does NOT read @AM or @Am or @aM as none of those will get categorized correctly 

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Thanxs for the fast reply.


Well, case sensitivity is not the problem.

Here is how my subject line looks like:  "Wtr: Ina Wilhelm has sent you a message @am"


It actually works as long as the receiving notebook (@am in my case) is in the root directory (i created a new one for testing purposes, due the original notebook was in a stack. So when i try to post the note to a notebook which is in a stack, i looks like it will direct it to @inbox. Maybe the stack is the problem, or it may not work with notebooks in stacks ?



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