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Searching within a document on Android



Hi All,


I have a clip saved and am viewing it on my Android client. I would like to search within the document for text. However, it seems that the search function only identifies documents that contain the term and doesn't let me see what the matches are within the document.


Is this correct or is there something I am missing?




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Not necessarily to search in one note,  but to see search hits within that note.  I was assuming that this might be a PDF problem - and I use ezPDF reader which does internal searches (choose the edit option) and highlights the results;   but it is kinda shy when it comes to screenshots,  hence no illustration here.  In other searches,  as far as I can see I get the highlight in the note - but I agree internal searching of text notes seems to be a desktop option.

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If you open the document it depends on what application you use to open it..  there should be an additional search option.


I open the web clipping within Evernote on an Android device. The search does not search within the content, only filters your entire collection of content.


I see that I can copy the URL and then perhaps open that in a browser on my device, but that kills the offline function I was after.

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Nope that's pretty much the way it works - to see hits in the document,  open it and search within.


Are you sure?


That's not the way it seems to works on my Android client.


From what I can see there is only one Search function within Evernote on Android. It always searches ALL notes, not just the one you are viewing. (and even does this when using the magnifying glass in the icon menu when viewing a single note).


Hitting search brings up a list of all notes matching that criteria. However, it still works okay for me, as the search term is highlighted in yellow when I open any of the notes.


I think what the OP is asking for, is to be able to search in one note only -- the one that is being viewed. Personally I can't see an easy way of doing this. But there maybe a search term or option that allows this to happen?

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