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(Archived) How to suppress F6 search suggestion popup, it is distracting and annoying

Jimm Chen

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The F6 search suggestion small menu popup covers my IME, and first matched note title, quite distracting and annoying.  You know, as soon as you hit F6 hotkey or click into the search box, that popups out, crazy.


I suggest the Evernote dev-team not to pop it up until user presses DOWN key, or, a toggle button at right end of the search box to enable/disable this suggestion feature.


Check my image to get this:



Is there a tweak or workaround not to pop that up?



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Well, thank you. That helps quite a bit after I set SearchAsYouTypeDelay=0, but apparently not perfect yet. Typing in search box does not cause popups any more. However, there are three flaws still:

  1. I lose the instant search ability which is a good feature anyway.
  2. any time the search box gets focus(press F6, mouse click, or Tab/Shift+Tab to land), it still popups.
  3. As soon as I press Enter on the search box(a must for Evernote to start search), it again popups. And the suggestion popup does NOT disappear when I use Tab/Shift+Tab to move focus away from the suggestion box(I'm a keyboard hobbyist), I have to move the focus back to the suggestion box then press ESC to dismiss it, very stubborn.

I hope Evernote dev team can see my opinion: Most oftenly, people key in short word(s) in hope to quickly filter out their notes. It's not like something you type into a browser address bar, and, from the popup you select a visited URL to go(possibly very long). You have done quite a good job to show those suggestions in the notes-preview pane(snippet view by default), SO the requirement of suggestion popup is minor.

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The "SearchAsYouTypeDelay" is related to the popup, evidently, but doesn't control it. There may be a registry setting that does, though I don't know of any at this point.


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