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(Archived) Sending images from a non-web camera phone

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Several times in the intro pages I saw assertions that any camera phone can send images into Evernote, but I can't find any instructions for it anywhere. To what do you send the message? There was a reference to MMS on the welcome page, but, again, no instructions in how to use it, i.e., where to send the message.

Does anyone know?

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If you go to the "Settings" page on your account on the web, you can find the "Incoming Email Address" for your account there. Any emails sent to this address will become notes within your account.

You'd probably want to configure this as a quick entry in the address book on your phone if you were going to do this a lot.

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I knew about the email address. I just didn't realize that I could MMS directly to that address. I thought I had to have a number to use with my phone. But I plugged it in as a contact on my phone and used it, and it worked fine. Thanks for the help.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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