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Skitch Mac 2.7.1 Beta is live

Joe Lopez


For users of our direct download version of Skitch we have posted a 2.7.1 beta which Skitch should download if you have it set to auto-update to betas. 


This beta contains a number of bug fixes for Skitch Mac. There are no new significant features, but fixes to screen capture, tools, and stability/performance improvements.


Please give it a try and post any feedback. Thanks.

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Hi Joe,


I'm using Skitch on my MacBook Pro with Retina display, running 10.7, and I have Outlook 2011.


Starting with 2.7.1 (I believe), screen captures are huge when I paste them into Outlook. Previously, when I would drag/drop into Outlook, it would come out in the same size (in points), but now it comes out huge in points.


I understand that Outlook 2011 is not "retina aware" but this used to work.




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Sorry for the late reply. Craziness with the US holiday. I'll pass this along to our QA engineers to look at. 


When you used it before where you running on a Retina display? Retina images are much bigger in reality then what you see on the screen. There are far more pixels and the image is much larger which often catches people by surprise when they send to a non-Retina device. 


It's also possible that an update to Outlook broke whatever sizing behavior they had before. We'll investigate but not sure what we'll be able to do as we hand off any drag me data to the OS which in turn passes the PNG over to Outlook and in that process the OS or Outlook can introduce their own behaviors. 

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