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Adding notes on a note

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Hello everyone,


I'm not sure this is the right forum for this question, but here it goes:

Does anyone know of a way to insert comments to a note (before or after cliiping it to evernote)

I saw you can use the text tool to write over a screen shot, but it cannot be used to write on an article / full page clipping (unlike highliting, for instance).


Is there a way i'm not familiar with?


Thank you,


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What browser and Clipper version are you using?


You can do this in most of the existing clipper.

In the Web Clipper 6 design you open the filing dialog by clicking on the notebook or tag item in the sidebar. At the bottom of the filing dialog there is a field for adding text comments. They will be added to the top of your clip. 

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I'm actually curious about this as well. I know you can add a general comment in the web clipper setup, but what about adding a comment to various pieces of text? For example: I read a sentence and it prompts a question or idea to me. Is there a way I can make a comment bubble (or something similar) to type out my thought(s)?

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