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Pasting Styled XML from Eclipse into Evernote: Extraneous "]]"



When pasting styled (syntax colored) XML copied from an Eclipse XML editor into Evernote 5.4.3 for Mac, I am getting extraneous square brackets in the resulting note before element tag closing brackets.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install the Android development tools into Eclipse.
  2. File > New > Android XML File
  3. After you name it, click on the XML view tab next to the default Graphical Layout view tab at the bottom of the window that appears
  4. Select all of the default text
  5. Paste into an Evernote note.

WHAT HAPPENS: Where there should be >, there will be several occurrences of ]]>


This happens with any of the three Eclipse-based XML editors I've tried (Android SDK for Eclipse, Aptana Studio's HTML5 Boilerplate project, and Kinoma Create.) This does not occur when pasting into TextEdit.


The workaround is to paste the text into an unstyled editor like BBEdit, or Paste and Match Style into TextEdit (stripping out the style information from Eclipse), then copy THAT and paste it in.


This does not occur on Evernote for Windows.


Attached is a TextEdit file that preserved the style information pasted from Eclipse.  If you open it, copy it and paste it into Evernote the issue will reproduce.


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