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(Archived) My comments about Evernote

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tags shouldn't

If you don't like to use it — just don't use it.

And even if they shiouldn't, you can not say that they must to be 'plainlisted' :)

Hierarchical saved searches may be a good idea if you widely use them (but i wonder how far should you go with this and how one could use them so much :? ).

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Being able to organize saved searches into some kind of structure like folders WOULD be very useful. I wouldn't mind seeing saved searches turn into something more akin to smart folders in various Mac apps. In some of those apps, you can nest these smart folders/searches and the nested version inherit the parent conditions. This can get complicated fast, but it can also make it easier to construct searches with lots of criteria.

As for the "tags shouldnt" bit...sorry, I really don't get that. You are not forced to used hierarchical tags, so if you don't want to, then DON'T. I would have a mess on my hands if I couldn't organize my tags in a tree-like structure -- I have a LOT of tags, and it is very useful to be able to organize them like this (it would be more useful if the child tags inherited the parent automatically, but even without that, it is still very useful.)

If you don't like a feature, don't use it. No need to remove it.

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The problem with indented tags is that you can only have ONE tag with a given name, not many, unlike folders, that can have the same name as long as they are in different places in the folder structure.

If I decided someday that X is related to Y, that may not be true for every further item i tag. Im sure you have faced this problem somehow.

What happens when you start having hierarchical tags is that you're bringing a folder approach to something that should be much more free than folders. Worse, you are creating a mixed animal that has some restrictions from tags: 'only one tag with each name', and some restriction from folders: 'once you create a structure you must adhere to it'.

Hierarchical Saved Searches, on the other hand, solve this problem, by allowing to create different structures for each search and sorting necessity you have, while you still are building on the free and rather chaotic tag base.

Please feel free to comment this further, thanks!

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I'm only using the Mac and iPhone clients, so cannot comment on the Windows/Windows Mobile ones.

I'm liking the interfaces I'm using, though, despite seeing the odd negative comment in the reviews of the iPhone app.

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