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Outlook emails added to Evernote: attachment type not recognised

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I'm using the Evernote Outlook 2010 add-in to "add" emails to my Evernote account, often those emails have attachments such as word documents or excel spreadsheets.  When I then view those notes on my android tablet, if I tap on the attachment then OfficeSuite pro opens, but can't recognise the attachment in some way so the document doesn't open.  If from Evernote I save the document, I can then use OfficeSuite to browse to it and open it with no trouble.  Documents that I manually add to my notes I can tap on and the attachments open directly from Evernote.  The "direct opening" is really handy, is this something that could be fixed for the Outlook-originated notes too please?




Nick Sturge

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Thanks for your question / suggestion.  When forwarding emails to my Evernote address, the problem does not occur, i.e. in that case the attachments are recognised and open properly in OfficeSuite.  I can use that as a work-around, but it would still be great if the issue could be fixed.

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@nwsturge, and @jbignert, i actually have the OPPOSITE problem as nwsturge in his most recent comment.

When I email my evernote email address with attachments, they don't even show up in the note.  There is a winmail.dat file attached to the note, but it doesn't open in any recognizable format.

I have regrettably only just noticed this, and now have hundreds (yes 100's) of notes I thought (assumed) were saving attachments properly in evernote...:-/

attached you can see what I see in the note.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/k2jqfutc50rpkc2/evernote%20attachment%20clip.JPG

you can see that it shows the 3.3MB size of the file, but I can't open the document - they're photos, but are shown in evernote as a Note of some sort.

any suggestions?

Much appreciated

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Something weird going on.  That thread is nearly 18 months old and the forum has been reorganised since,  so it's not necessarily surprising that the link would have changed.  But if you search the forum for the topic number "20192" (check out the full link),  it still shows up.  Then if you follow that link,  you get a "we couldn't find that/ you don't have permission" error.  Plus I can't find the original content in my Evernote.  :(


However Google (or your search-engine-of-choice) is your friend here.  Looking for information on "winmail.dat" (without the quotes) I found nearly 400,000 hits including...



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