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Evernote Universal for Libraries, Academic Institutions and Power Students



When you go to the library, you can easily find any book on any topic, out of the millions available, all by using the Dewey Decimal System.


Soon, you will be able to have that same advantage with ALL your information--even small notes! Better still, you will not have to limit them to the clumsiness of a sorting mechanism like the Dewey Decimal System.


The Universal Decimal Classification was designed specifically for notes! It is also organized in a truly universal manner, so that is all-encompassing, topically proportionate, and infinitely extensible!


The UDC was designed by bibliographers specifically to suit the needs of those who keep their information in note form, and will soon be available either as an embedded solution in Evernote or plug-in to support more sophisticated tagging of the content by using UDC Summary or as an extension of the MRF (Master Reference File.)


The Editor-in-Chief of the Universal Decimal Classification Consortium has already indicated the Consortium's interest in a cooperative relationship with Evernote.


All that remains to be done is for someone with some basic programming skills to download the UDC file and import them into Evernote in tag form. If Evernote is willing to have some of their master programmers take a few minutes out of their day to figure out how to simply get the import files into Evernote, they could feature it as an add-on.


Evernote could open the doors on an entirely new market sector--becoming the universal application of choice for students, academics, libraries, bookstores, and book-related institutions globally with very little effort, and enormous gain!


Here are the links to the Universal Decimal Classification Summary...


Universal Decimal Classification Consortium: http://www.udcc.org/udcsummary/php/index.php


UDCC Exports page for import files to download: http://www.udcc.org/udcsummary/exports.htm



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