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(Archived) Sync error 103 between Evernote and aNote

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Having trouble syncing between Evernote and Awesome Note.

I have Evernote installed on a Mac -  updated to Mavericks 10.9 (which might be some of the problem),

and Awesome Notes 7.0.3 on an iPhone 4s.

I created a new folder in Evernote and pasted a list into it (Be Bop jazz... Sonny Still, Dizzy Gillespie etc).

I activated sync in Evernote, then hit the Evernote logo in aNote to sync the phone.

I've done this before and had no problems.

This time I received a notification - Unexpected error while creating note, Error code 103.

I retried this several times then pressed the "request sync troubleshooting" which sent an email off.

Two days later I received a reply.


"Those error has been occurred, it because the note can not be created in selected folder.

Would that be possible for you try to create the note from the selected folder which as the error?
Appreciate to your understanding and let us know. we would like to look into this issue.
Grateful for their appreciation I endeavoured to understanding ...
I deleted the BeBop folder,shut my phone down, updated Evernote to 5.4.3 rebooted everything several times but no joy.
The elephant logo has an exclamation mark in permanence no matter what I try.
I've resent the "request sync troubleshooting" email a few more times but have received no answer.
Any suggestions?
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