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(Archived) Best Practice For Using At Work and granting access to employees



I am relatively new to EN.  After recently revisiting the app, I am amazed by how far it has come.  I believe that it will allow me to realize my dream of being 100% paperless and also have my life searchable.  I see no reason that I can't make this work at home and at my business (I own a retail store).. I bought the Evernote Scanner for at the office which came with a 1 year Premium acct.  I love it.

I want key employees to have access to EN to search for invoices, receipts, etc.  I DO NOT want them to have access to my personal stuff.   What is the best practice for achieving what I want to do?  2 separate accounts? Is there a way to have one account and limit access? I've been reading a lot on this forum about "everything in one place" and that sounds wonderful. 

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A premium account for you, and separate accounts for each of your employees (premium or not). Share out notebooks from your account, make them editable or not as you choose (only premium accounts can make shared notebooks editable). You can still keep other notebooks in your account unshared, and hence private. Depending on the scenario, Evernote Business might be a better deal, and you should definitely check it out, as bduncan notes.

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