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Quickoffice Alternative iPad


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Has anyone found an alternate to Quickoffice for the iPad with regard to editing office documents that are embedded into notes. Previously Quckoffice had a feature to link your EN account into it's cloud services area and then you could browse notebooks and open word documents right from the app. This was nice because there was no "round trip" needed within iOS. When you saved it, the document just saved right into the note. This was perfect for my workflow as I do store a lot of MS Word docs in Evernote notes. 




Then Google purchased Quickoffice and mucked everything up. Now the only cloud service that's offered to link is Google Drive. While GDrive is a nice service it doesn't replace EN and I want to keep using my existing workflow. My question to the users here is has anyone found an app that functions similar to the way Quickoffice used to work?


Thanks in advance. 




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I have not. This is actually killing me as I've been using Evernote to store more and more mixed mode notes (text and office files). I'm thinking I'll have to switch back to Dropbox until some app appears that can do this.

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Brunofpc... QO will not stop their server service till April.

I've been researching for some time now and not finding another option or similar work around. EN could not make any suggestions other than looking for something in their 3rd Party app's section which is no help.

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