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Sharing notes and notebooks in evernote


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Hey together,


i´ve got some questions about the sharing-functions in evernote. I think i understood it, but i´m not sure if im right.


  • When i share are note by clicking on "Copy the URL to clipboard" or "Email link to note" (Sorry if its called different, using german version of evernote), it is avaible for everyone which knows the URL. But it´s read-only, so no one can change my note, right?
  • When i share a notebook via the public url (i can get it - for example - with right-click on my notebook, "share notebook" and then use the URL.) Is this read-only, too? So i want to publish some of my writings in a public notebook but only read-only  (and set a link to the notebook on my homepage).
  • The only way to let someone change a notebook is to invite him and set the permission to "view and edit" (sorry, like above, if there are other words in the english version)
  • I cant share a single note with write-permission to someone

So you see, my aim is to share some notebooks for everyone, but read-only. Some other notebook should be avaible for my friends, they can edit them.


Greetings from Germany,



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