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Hi Guys, 

I add regular text everyday on my Macbook, it writes and reads perfectly., I have no issues on tablet ( nexus 7 at the moment ) either, loving evernote.


But the text is so large on a Galaxy Note 3 that I constantly need scrolling, It's, in overall, unpleasant, I googled a couple hours but I see no solution.


Does anyone know how to reduce the font size on the android app for phones?

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I have a related problem with my Nexus 7. If I edit a note on my computer sometimes the edited portion appears in large or even huge font size when viewed on the Nexus. This should be fixed. Also there should be a way to select the entire note and set its size. Is there a way to do that that I am not aware of?

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Funny thing about fonts - it is so much a matter of user preference. On my Nexus 4 phone, I find the text when viewing a note to be a bit small, but useable. On my Nexus 7 tablet, I find the font to be much too small when viewing, but OK when editing, which uses a larger font size for some reason.


Maybe the only way to keep everyone happy is allowing the user to set a default font. I have tried setting a large font when creating a note on OS X, but if I edit that note on Android, it often loses the larger font size. Also, it used to be you could enlarge the font when viewing a note on Android using pinch to zoom, but that is currently broken - there is another thread about this subject on the forum.

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Totally agre. The font size in view mode is 2x the font size in edit mode. Because there are devices on which the font is normal in view mode I suspect the developers didn't use the device independent pixel (DIP) dimensions for the font size. 


Anyway, I'm currently evaluating evernote (comparing it to OneNote and Google Drive + Keep) and this bug is so extremely annoying that currently Evernote is a total nogo on my Note 3

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Ha! Found the problem. The problem is that the font in view mode doesn't respond to the global font settings on the Note 3. On the other hand the font size in edit mode does.

So when you set the global fontsize in the Android settings to extra small, the fontsize in edit-mode in the Android app will change accordingly, but the size in view-mode not.

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