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(Archived) Capitalization Bug Report



I don't know if this is the right place for this, but I wanted to submit it somewhere:

in the Mac client:

if you are trying to add a new tag beginning with a letter that only has tags starting with capital letters, your new tag will always be capitalized (due to the autocompletion feature).


my only tag starting with 't' is 'TED'

I try to add the tag 'textmate'.

'textmate', during my typing it, becomes 'TExtmate'

Thank you


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I have this same problem! I'm running 1.9.1 on the Mac. It's really annoying when I have to type a bunch of random letters, just to get a tag with proper capitalization. In my case, I was trying to tag something as "SPARQL" but since I had "Springnote" already as a tag, I kept getting SpARQL. It's really sad that this post has been here for over a year without any changes.

P.S. I'm a Premium user!

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