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Internal Browser stale on iOS

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When I open an URL within a note sometimes the internal browser gots stale, means I cannot go back to the Notes. When clicking on "Finish" nothing happens. I can close EN or restart the iPhone but the internal browser window stays open. 

How can I reset EN without re-installing it?


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Sounds like a bug, without a doubt. I suggest submitting feedback to let EN know. 


In the mean time, closing the app by pressing the home button ONCE or restarting the phone does not actually "close" the app in any real sense. Have you tried double-tapping the home button to bring up the multi-tasking screen and swiping up on evernote to actually force-close the application?


that should reset the app and next time you open it the app should return to the main screen. 

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it's not a specific site when the browser got stale. It happens sporadic and I am not down to the right use case to reproduce the issue. What I know it happens when visiting a site and then leaving EN. After while you come back and then you are not able to click "Finish". 

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