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(Archived) How to stop files from automatically zipping

Douglas Bray


Hi community,


Any ideas on how to stop files from automatically zipping? If put Word or Excel files in Evernote then I have no problem. I do have some other file formats / apps e.g. Omnigraffle, Mindnode, FoldingText etc. and it zips the files. The thing is, it doesn't always zip. See the below link for a screenshot example.


http://cl.ly/image/411r2t190r0P - both are Omnigraffle files.




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Omnigraffle can save documents as flat files or as packages. The first document in your screenshot is a file. The second is a package. Evernote only supports files as attachments, so when you try to attach a package, it zips it.

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For documents you’ve already saved, you can ctrl-click on them in the Finder and if they’re packages, the context menu will have an option like “Show Package Contents”.

For new documents, there’s a popup in the format inspector that allows you to choose how to save it. (I don’t use omnigraffle myself. This is based on the info in http://downloads2.omnigroup.com/software/MacOSX/Manuals/omnigraffle-6-manual.pdf)

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