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Help! Cant log in to my account on my pc

Marie K

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I have created my account on my android under xxxxxxxxx@gmail.com.  I downloaded evernote on my pc and have tried numerous times to log in.  It keeps telling me that I have the wrong password or user id.  I checked several times and it is correct.

Do I have to sign out of my android phone to be able to access my account on my pc?  i created another account so i can post this topic.

Please help me!

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Hi Marie


Welcome to the forums.  This is a public forum so I edited your post to avoid you getting spammed.  You should be able to log in to your account on the pc regardless of whatever else you have connected to it.  The password problem is something else entirely.  I'd suggest you contact support (see below) for help with that.  Meantime try typing your user name (as shown on the Android) into Notepad on the PC so you can compare the two carefully;  likewise type the password into Notepad and copy/ paste into the login box.  If you get the error,  there should be a 'forgotten password' link you can use...

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