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(Archived) help with support ticket 239282

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Hi, I'm a premium customer that cannot get in the premium support cue due to my credentials dilemma.


My account was set-up using an email from my former employer.


I neglected to update my Evernote account prior to transitioning to my current employer.

On last attempt to login I failed to recall my password correctly and now I'm locked out.
Password reset is going to my old work email, which I no longer have access to.


Please provide reset password options to me.


btw - I had to create a new EN account in order to post here.

Details on account in question in EN support ticket #239282


thank you



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So I'm really challenged by this issue.

I'm paying for Premium but I appear to be in an endless freemium member support cue.


Tragic thing is I cannot even cancel Premium.


What to do?


Beg Visa to pull the plug?

Write up some hellish story and hope it goes viral?

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I'd be patient and give it another day.

Evernote has to be very careful giving permission back to a user with an unusual situation as yours.

I'm sure they are doing some extensive investigation first.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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