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(Archived) Email and Business Tags

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1. Support for Evernote business is pathetic.  Both times I tried to chat this morning I set in a que and was eventually given a message that there was no agent logged in. $500/year deserves more.


2. I have a handful of business tags created, but when I send an email into my database, the tags aren't being applied. They are still in the subject of the note. Any ideas?

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Hi BJensenKT,

I do apologize for you not being able to get in touch with chat agents. I am going to have our Customer Support manager further investigate this situation and why this may have occurred so we can work to correct this from happening.


As to the business tags, if the tags that you are using on the subject line of your emails are not already used on a note within that business notebook, it will not create the tag and attach it to the note. Once you have a note within that particular business notebook with the tag, then you can use it when forwarding emails into that particular notebook.  


Jon H

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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