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(Archived) Please add a sync-button in note-view

Guest mrossk

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Every time before editing a note I want to be sure that I have the latest version of the note to avoid conflicts.


So please add a sync-button in note-view and let it rotate like in the start-screen of evernote on android. I know that I can already sync while in note-view by going into the menu but here I can't see when the sync has finished and it is always a separate step only to add a line or word to a note.


Screenshot: http://www.evernote.com/shard/s31/sh/6dff9b5f-dba9-46c5-807c-aaa5d0533931/75c75da705da74686c1daa6dd195083b



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oddly enough, the sync item shows up in the menu, in note-view, on my Android phone (4.1.1) but not on my Nexus 7 (4.3). So on the Nexus, I have to go back to notebook view to sync.

Interesting that it is there on the older OS and gone on the newer one.

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I see no Sync menu item in note-view (which I take it means when you are viewing/editing a note, right?) in either the phone (Android 4.1.2) or tablet (2012 Nexus 7), with the latest public version of Evernote (5.5.1). Are you referring to some other view, maybe?

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