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Copy and Paste Text and Images not working


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I have several emails with both text and images. When I highlight the entire message (text and images) and then copy and paste into Evernote, the text pastes fine, but the images end up with nothing but an empty box and an image icon in the middle (placeholder).   If I copy just the image and then paste it, it pastes ok. Is there a way to get the images and text to paste correctly all in 1 step?


Running Evernote Version on Windows 8

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Bump on this.  I'm using EverNote (272632) Public on Windows 8.1, and image insertion always had problems (after inserting an image via the Pin toolbar button, cursor jumps back to beginning of note and focus is displaced).

And I have just found out that image copy and paste within the same notebook doesn't work.  Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V just paste text without images.  Dragging an inserted image around seems to generate a link to a file somehow.

In general, image handling seems to be quite untested and broken.

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