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(Archived) deleting conflicting changes notebooks

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Sometimes I'm doing a note on my iPhone and find it's too fiddly to navigate the text, so switch to doing it on my computer. Even if i sync first, often the change doesn't come through in time and I get a "conflicting change" notebook created. I can delete the note I don't want to keep but I don't seem to be able to delete the conflicting change notebook (now empty) and I'm getting a stack of them cluttering up my notebook page. How can I get rid of them when they're no longer required?

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I still don't understand where to find this "Mac client". Do you mean my personal site on the Evernote website? I looked on the website where my stuff is but the conflicting file notebooks don't appear on there. Is there a way I can make them show up and then delete them? At present, the only place they show is on my computer and iPhone and here I've tried to delete them but they won't go. They are all empty now but the notebooks refuse to be trashed.

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I am not a nerd, but if you don't see a notebook in the website but on personal devices, this is surely because this notebook is "tagged" as a "local" one on those devices;

those local notebooks are not synced within the remote database.

Hope this clarifies things.


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