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To Do Checkboxes in Handwritten Notes

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I am a BIG fan of the Evernote "To Do" Checkbox feature, & I use it daily.  LOVE that I can search for my notes for all UNCHECKED items!  I also use the handwritten note upload, taking photos of things I've jotted down that need to be added to my notebooks.  What I'm wondering ... is there any thing / tool / way that I can mark or flag a note when I write it so that on upload Evernote will automatically create the "To Do" checkbox -- in the vain of character recognition just that I want it to "recognize" that this note contains a "To Do" item as well.


Willing to use whatever is necessary to do this ... I have iOS devices, both Mac & Windows platforms (client versions) on computers and a Premium account.  From Moleskine to Penultimate & even Livescribe ... I will use whatever it takes!


Thanks for any ideas of suggestions.  



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you would think it would be easy in Penultimate as this is an Evernote product.  If you could tap a button to insert a checkbox in Penultimate then write the note or write the note then tap the checkbox and draw a line thru the writing you wanted the checkbox to apply to, when you stopped drawing the line a checkbox would be inserted in front of the start of the line.

Write now Penultimate works very well but needs more functionality.


Believe it or not MS OneNote has exactly this feature.  You can handwrite a note, add a checkbox beside and then see all the checkboxed items (tags) in one area on the screen.  You can even "lasso" the handwriting and convert it to text.

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+1 also.  I used to be a big OneNote supporter -- I love all the features for adding to-dos and various other "icons" to my notes. I love being able to natively search all notebooks and create one master list -- categorized by type of todo or event. I made the move to Evernote because it had much better cross platform support -- but I really miss the advanced features of OneNote!

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