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Safari 7.0 freezes on Mavericks with Web Clipper


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After upgrading to Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, Safari started to freeze on certain sites. After several attempts I realized this is cause by EN Web Clipper extension for Safari. When the extension is turned off, Safari works like a charm and loads all content smoothly.


Anyone else experiencing this issue with Web Clipper? Any expectations for a fix?


BTW, I don't like the new Web Clipper, arrived yesterday I believe. It now requires to Save the clipping with a button which is all the way in the opposite corner of Safari windows. So I click Web Clipper, then move mouse pointer all the way to the opposite corner, then focus on the buttons to hit Save and not hit Share. Then saving progress and related items is shown in the upper right corner of Safari window overlapping web content and after several seconds I have to dismiss the dialog confirming the save. The previous version did not require the dismiss click and did not force me to travel around all screen. Thank you.

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Another complaint on the new clipper anchored to the right.


Horrible to go from the toolbar over to the side. So the drop down menu isn't a drop down menu but instead someplace else entirely? And you take up screen real estate rather than an overlay? 


Horrible UI. A change for the worse. 


Be nice to see this actually rethought into something that makes UI sense but I won't hold my breath. At least allow me to anchor it to the top in an overlay. 

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Yes - had the same problem. I uninstalled all extensions, and then reinstalled them 1-by-1, and it was definitely the Evernote web clipper extension causing the issues with Safari, which were:

  • Partial page loads
  • Inconsistent page loads (page in one tab would load, but not another)
  • Could not use command+tilde to switch between windows

After removing the extension it's now smooth sailing again.

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I am still having this issue with web clipper and Safari 7.0  … jbignert is there an update on the situation or a solution yet? It would be really great to have the contextual menu to pull down if nothing else ( I use EN a lot everyday and now that it has been working well and so fluid, I am kinda jonesing for it back. Keep us in the loop man. Thanks.



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I'm seeing the "freezing" behaviour pretty often, especially when visiting sites which do a redirect -- e.g. hitting a t.co link from a twitter client, and so on. It is somewhat intermittent, though.


I think this little screen capture I just took pretty clearly shows the difference having the web clipper extension enabled makes for me:




For now, I think I'm going to leave it turned off...



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I've also had to disable web clipper. Mac Mavericks Safari 7.0.1.

Evernote web clipper is disabling dropdown menus on Web sites and input entry to wordpress site logons etc.

A few seconds after page loads, the screen flickers as if it's been refreshed and then I'm locked out of menus. Disable evernote web clipper and all good again.


Any news on  a fix?



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@gothick - If possible can you please post the URL that triggers the freeze. That will help us fix it... Feel free to send as a PM to me if that's more convenient. 


It's pretty much any link from Twitter, for example. I just re-installed the latest Clipper and re-tried, and still found the problem. Example URL: http://t.co/f6QQEiIKZU but it seems to affect anything that uses an immediate redirect.





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Is this resolved really? I'm experiencing exact same problem with Evernote clipper 6.2 on Safari 10.1.1 / macOS Sierra 10.12.5. 

One thing weird is that I didn't faced this issue with my previous MacBook (MacBook Air), but now it happens even I had restored exact same data with Time Machine Backup on my current MacBook (MacBook Pro). 

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