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Cannot copy/paste from Lotus Notes to EN


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Hi all,


I am using Evernote on Windows 7 and Lotus Notes as mail client.


I need to copy/paste Lotus mails into EN notes by keeping graphical formatting (images, tables etc). With CTRL-C in Lotus Notes and CTRL-V into EN notes, it does not work: it only copies a piece of the mail.

However, when doing CTRL-C from Lotus and CTRL-V in Word the whole mail is correctly pasted. Moreover, if I copy with CTRL-C from Word then to EN with CTRL-V the notes is created with correct graphical formatting as well.


Going through Word each time I want to copy/paste a mail sounds quite painful so I would like to find another simpler way to do so. Any idea?


Btw, I cannot just forward my Lotus mails to EN using my EN mail address since I am using a local notebook (I cannot send my mails information through Evernote cloud because of my company policy).

That's why I am using copy/pasting solution here...


Thanks in advance for your help!



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Since your company policy prohibits you from forwarding Lotus emails to EN, they might also have similar concerns about pasting sensitive or private company info directly into Evernote. After all, once it is in Evernote, you can then easily share it with anyone. Have you discussed this matter with your IT people?

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I do not think I cannot copy/paste directly graphical mails into EN because of my company policy. For instance, I have no problem to copy/paste directly part of mails from Lotus to EN if it contains text only.

And since I am using local notebook I do not share any information outside my local working environment.


So it is not the point here I am afraid.

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By doing some more tests, the problem seems to come from pictures and tables precisely.

In that case it may be some formatting problem in Lotus Notes that does not "translate" to EN, and the only way to get around that is your "painful" solution of going through MS Word.

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