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(Archived) Triplicated Notebooks on iPhone 5s under iOS 7.0.3


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I installed Evernote on an iPhone 5S a couple of weeks ago. It syncs with my Mac account ok, but EVERY notebook appears three times in the listing of notebooks. Two of the three (not in any apparent order) show zero notes, and the third entry has valid notes in it. See the attached image.


The iPhone 5S uses iOS 7.0.3. Carrier is Verizon should that be relevant.


Anyone seen anything like this, please? I've searched the forum but couldn't find any workaround. 

Oh...and if I delete a zero-note Notebook, it deletes ALL the Notebooks, including the one with actual notes....


There is no duplication of Notebooks on the Mac, on the PC, or on the iPad (under 5.1.1 -- Old iPad!) so this seems to be a strictly iPhone phenomenon.


Thanks in advance for any assistance.



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