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(Archived) "Invalid email address"

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We're hoping someone can help us with what seems to be a simple problem. We're trying to share notes with a colleague and we keep getting a message that says "xxx@xxx" is an invalid email address, when it clearly is a valid email address. If we log on to the web app or are sharing a note from the iPad, no problem. Very strange, and annoying. We've tried the "Live Chat" with Evernote for support (couldn't get anyone to respond) and even opened a support ticket but got no response as well. We're a paid premium subscriber which I thought gave us premium support. Frustrating...any suggestions?


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Hi and wlecome to the forums.  It's certainly strange that Evernote will accept an email address via some clients and not others.  Have you tried other email addresses from the client that won't accept the address,  or is the problem only with this one?  And what client is that anyway?  Mac?  Windows?


Apologies that I killed the email address - if it's valid you might attract a spamgasm posting in a public forum!


And re support:  the guys are available weekdays,  PST.  You should have had an acknowledgement and a support number - the rest will follow on Monday.

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Thanks for your reply, much appreciated! And yes, I suppose putting the email address in there wasnt bright, thanks for that as well.

When using Evernote from my Mac (but not using the web app version), that's when I get the "invalid email" notice.

Re: the support...I sent an email on Wednesday and never got a response. I also logged into a live chat on Monday & never got a support person online. It was Vetran's Day so there's that but still, I'm a little disappointed in the support of Evernote as I had an issue once before that they never responded to as well. Oh well.

Again, thanks for your reply & hopefully I can get this sorted.


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Did I miss the link? And no, that's the strange part, it is not happening with any other address and I share notes ALOT! That's why it's so bizarre...and frustrating. Made a bit more frustrating because this is a new employee and we really need to be sharing alot of notes with this individual. And not made any less frustrating by Evernote's lack of response. I love the product and have been a big advocate to anyone who will listen about how productive this product can be. As good as the product is, however, the support seems to be a bit remiss, or perhaps more than a bit, at least in my case. I thought being a Premium user had a little advantage in that area but that's not been my experience.


Thanks again for your help.




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