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safari (Archived) Orwellian translation required for this word: "depreciated". Thanks.

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macalba posted (about the latest version of clipper for Safari):


... and I've lost the ability to clip to multiple Evernote accounts.


jbignert (Evernote Employee) replied:


@macalba - multiple accounts feature has been depreciated, sorry for the inconvenience


Could a fan of George Orwell please look in the Orwellian Dictionary and translate "depreciated" for me?




I guess it's "Merry Christmas" from Evernote.

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Not sure where the sarcasm starts or ends here but, in the event it was a serious question, I'll just note that I believe either jbignert or his autocorrect misspelled "deprecated"

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"deprecated", now one really does learn something new every day; thanks.




Here are the "reasons for deprecation":


The feature has been replaced by a more powerful alternative feature.

The feature contains a design flaw—frequently a security flaw—and so should be avoided, but existing code depends upon it.

The feature is considered extraneous,

A future version of the software is planned to make major structural changes

Standardization or increased consistency in naming.

A feature that once was only available independently is now combined with its co-feature


I think this one needs to be added to the list:


"The really useful feature has been removed by the developer for no good reason and even if we did have a reason, we can't be bothered to tell you."

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