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(Archived) the "this note has unsupported formatting" problem


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I was recently at a work location where I was taking notes (in Evernote).... for a while, I was using a 4 year old Mac computer using the website version of Evernote.


Then, I had to move to another location so I used my phone to continue taking notes.


Unfortunately, I was stuck with that "insert text here...  this note has unsupported formatting".


What?   I took the notes *in* evernote!   I can understand if I had imported something from some off-brand location.


Once I get that "unsupported formatting" warning, the note becomes nearly useless to me for continued note taking.


What can I do about it?  Why does this happen?


It has happened before (the unexplained "unsupported..." thing), but I was unable to remember where I was or what I did.  This time around, I can remember the routine that led to the warning.


Any ideas for this newbie?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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