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(Archived) Evernote Outlook plugin messing up formatting

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Recently I noticed that the formatting is all messed up when I create notes from emails with graphics using the Evernote Outlook plug-in. I thought at first the problem was specific to Outlook 2013 (which I'm using on a Windows 7 PC), but then I noticed the same problem on my work laptop, where I'm running Outlook 2010 on Windows 7.


When I say "messed up," sometimes it's as simple as three buttons on the same row in an email showing up in the resulting note one below the other on the left-hand margin. Or in some cases things are just jumbled up with graphics and even text overlapping each other.


I've submitted a ticket to the help desk but I'm wondering: am I the only one having this problem? I've searched the forums and couldn't find anything that seemed to match.

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I'm seeing the same problem with Outlook 2003. I found that the formatting shows better if I forward the email to Evernote instead of clipping it.  Kind of a pain, but it does work. 


I would be interested in a solution too.

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Now there's a new wrinkle: when I forward an email to Evernote from Outlook 2013 (using my unique Evernote email address and not the "Send to Evernote" button in Outlook) it strips out all of the html formatting and attaches the email as a winmail.dat file. I am going to try to submit a second help request but so far my experiences with Evernote support have been something less than optimal.


Does anyone else have any ideas about what the problem might be and suggestions for a fix? I love the Evernote product and have come to rely on having the ability to store emails in Evernote for many different reasons. If I can't do that easily it would make Evernote significantly less useful for me and might change my opinion of the product.


Interestingly enough, if I forward an email from the same account via OWA it comes through just fine. Moreover if I send an email from Gmail it's fine, too. It seems to be the combination of Evernote v5.x and Outlook 2013.


Before anyone asks, I keep the Gmail account solely for the purpose of accessing Google Drive which I use for a specific and limited purpose. While I have considered moving off of the Exchange/Outlook 2013 platform for my personal email I'd hate to do it because Evernote and Outlook 2013 can't get along. I like Outlook/Exchange better than I like Gmail.


Again, if anyone can help I'd be extremely grateful. Thanks.


EDIT: Never mind. I realized I'd somehow deleted my Evernote email address from my contacts list. On a hunch I put it back and now I can forward emails to Evernote just fine, but the Send to Evernote button is still problematic.

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I'm on Evernote 5.1 and Outlook 2013 but I don't recall any problems with the 'send to' button.  I'll do some testing in the next few days.  Meantime Support is closed for the weekend,  but you should have received a ticket number after your initial report.  If you can post that here,  some Evernote folks might be able to have a look at the situation for you..

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gazumped -- Thank you for your offer, but I already have a ticket number and support is looking into this. I just thought it couldn't hurt to ask if anyone else has had a similar problem and if so whether they knew of a fix. I've gotten help on other software forums that way. Sometimes fellow end users can be a wealth of information.


If there's no one on the forum who can help then I am content to wait and see what Evernote support comes up with.


And yes I am aware that Evernote support is only available Monday through Friday, but thank you nevertheless.

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Got the following note from support a couple of days ago:


Hello Visitor,

We apologize for the inconvenience, however it appears there is currently a bug causing this.
We appreciate you taking the time to send us this error. We have filed an internal bug report with the QA team lead. She will classify and fix the bugs in the order determined by the project Lead.
Unfortunately this is not something I can fix for you at this time.
Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience. 
Thanks for making Evernote a better product,




Based on what I've read in these forums, it could be awhile before Evernote issues a fix. I hope I'm wrong, but if you look at the company's track record since version 5 was first rolled out it does not inspire confidence. 


When it became apparent that the Outlook clipper had a bug I tried using the Chrome Web Clipper with Gmail. Then that got "busted." So now I'm using a third-party product called Powerbot. Mind you, I like Powerbot for a lot of reasons -- but I hate Gmail. Hate it. I'd rather keep using Outlook. I understand Powerbot is coming out with a version for Outlook at some point... but I wish Evernote's features could be counted on.


While I'm at it, my support experience left a lot to be desired. I had to explain my problem twice to the support person via chat. Despite the fact that I clearly and simply spelled out the problem she kept asking me to uninstall and reinstall Evernote and then to tell her if the button was still greyed out. Uhm... well... the button was never greyed out, and it took three attempts before she understood what I was saying: the button was there, it was functioning, but somehow the formatting was getting all screwed up. The... interesting... phrasing of the note doesn't help. 


If anyone with any pull at Evernote is reading this: as a paying customer I feel the company needs to step it up both in terms of fixing bugs in a more timely fashion; someone reported this very bug and mentioned it in the forums months ago. Evernote also needs to step up its customer support. At the very least the company really needs to find someone with a better way with words to write its canned email responses. "Unfortunately I cannot fix this for you at this time"???


Look, I am not becoming an Evernote hater. I love the program and it has proven incredibly valuable for me in many respects. But I do not believe this is an all-or-nothing proposition. Evernote cannot improve if customers aren't honest when we are not happy. And with respect to the Outlook clipper and my interactions with Evernote tech support, I am not entirely happy.

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found this topic doing a google search. was wondering if anybody was having the same problem. my outlook formatting via the evernote plug in is totally messed up. sad to see this is a month ago and still happening. 


I make that 18 working days ago.  The team are working on it.  The workaround is: forward emails to your Evernote email address.

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