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(Archived) Several problems using Evernote



Dear all,


Problem 1:

I have downloaded to my evernote using Evernote Web Clipping, a web page, after that a I have added texts and some images at the end of the page (using copy-paste from other web pages manually). The note could have more or les 100 pages at the end. I want to make some copies from one note to the other, because of format, some parts of the notes are not well indented, so I try to make a copy for specific part to preserve the indentation. For example if I try to copy the first 50-pages, more or less, it take to long for Ctr-C, for example about 5 minutes, just for this instruction. For 100-pages (all document), I have to cancel the process, because Evernote doesn't respond.


Problem 2:

The web page I have copied to me Evernote, when I try to see it on web Evernote, I don't get it properly, OK, but if I try to see it again on my MAC agina a get the wrong indentation of the text.


I think Evernote Web Clipping doesn't work well if you want to make some changes on the note later.


Problem 3:

The copy-paste or Web Clipping from the web, finally (I guess) uses tables from HTML, but you can't see the tables on the documents, it is an internal forma that the use can't see, so if you want to re-indent the text using the menu options, there no possible to do that. It is difficult to guess where to put the text if you don't see how the text is formatted internally.



Problem 4:

The web page I have copied using Evernote Web Clipping, has some tables from the original text, when the text is copied such tables can be resized when you reduce the with of the note view, but when you copy such table into another note, now such tables are not resized automatically.




1. Provide a services that allow to see how internally is formatted the text (for example when it use an internal HTML-tables), then the user can see where exactly to put the text, without allowing Evernote to interprete the internal position


2. Provide a functionality that allow the user to indent properly the text when the text is in HTML-table forma stored internally.


3. Allow the user to control additional properties of the HTML tables, like resize, for example.


Have you encountered such types of problems on similar situations?, Do you have any advice for these problems.


Thanks in advance,






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