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(Archived) Odd keyboard behaviour with Android physical keyboard

Chris Neal

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I'm a long-time Evernote user on multipls platforms. I recently purchased an Asus Eee Pad Slider Android tablet, which has a physical keyboard. Whenever I edit an Evernote note using this keyboard, the Shift key does some odd things. If I hit Shift-I (wanting a capital I), it turns on italics, and if I hit Shift-w (wanting a capital W), the note closes as if I've hit CTRL-W. If I close the physical keyboard and use the onscreen one the problem goes away. I don't get this behaviour in any other Android app.

Any ideas?


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This behavior only occurs in the Note Content Area, not  in the title Area of the note.  Shift+ U,I or B give underline, italics and bold respectively.  Shift + T and Shift + O dont have any visible response.  All the other letters produce what they should (exepet for W).  The is very annoying behavior!

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