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(Archived) Evernote crashes outlook!

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Serious issue with product, crashes outlook after installing com-add-in without permission. 


Worst upgrade since windows vista.  If I had known the issues with the upgrade to ver5 it would have never happened, unfortunately I upgraded.  It has completely ruined my outlook.  Put in support request, never received a response.  Every time I launch outlook it crashes, solely due to evernote placing a com-add-in into outlook, something I never asked it to do nor did I want it too.  I have been using evernote for 6 months, got through the steep learning curve of the product, overcame the fact it is horrible at lists and time based tasks.  But messing with my other apps makes this product a little more than malware.  After having searched the forums and web for help it appears this is an issue for multiple people and evernotes response -too bad, not your fault, issue has been resolved?  I have attempted the deletion of the add-in out of outlook as well as simply turned the com-add-in off.  Evernote is so invasive that upon any relaunch the software will reinitialize itself and reload into the other software, similar in nature to a virus or malware.  It does not respect or acknowledge the users actions or requests.


You do not, for any reason, place your app or "features" of your app into other software and person's computer, that is off limits, out of bounds and makes you a bad provider of products..  Very bad protocol gentlemen.  Completely ruined my experience with your product. 


Stats -

Windows XP SP3

MS outlook 2003 SP3

Evernote 5.0.3

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Outlook 2003 isn't officially supported by Evernote's email clipper,  though I used it with WIndows Vista and Outlook 2003 for years without any problems.  Did you try 'repairing' Outlook?  From memory it's an option in the Help menu and should return Outlook to standard settings.  (You may need your original installation CD)


It's most unusual for the clipper to reinstall itself into Outlook once removed unless there are other factors at work.  Updating Evernote might be included there,  because it's a new install of the updated version and replaces everything that it imagines should already be installed on the system.  Outside of reinstalling/ updating however Outlook should be untouched.

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