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(Archived) Database Downloads for Developers

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I'm just nervously sitting through a period of inactivity while my laptop recreates my database - I moved to a new laptop a while ago and had some problems,  so I need to remove and reinstall everything.  Since I've recommended that to a number of other people in the past,  I figure it's karma coming back to bite me in the apps.


I took all the necessary precautions - exported notes,  backed up the current database,  brewed coffee;  and then did the deed a couple of days ago.  It's taking a while,  because Evernote is notoriously slow with this process,  I have a lot of notes and because I realised I made a mistake at one point and had to start again.  Today.  


So I'm looking at a lack of Evernote for the next 48 hours at least,  while we catch back up again.


While I'm sitting here,  staring at my desktop,  I wondered.  Why is it that I can now see snippets,  thumbnails and notes in full,  while Evernote is still chugging along with the sync?  Apparently each note is downloaded and displayed in full for my convenience,  even though I'm currently missing 90% of the database and searches would be pretty pointless.  I don't plan on adding anything to Evernote either until my note count is back to normal - I can't check whether I already have a note on any given topic,  and I don't want to take the chance of interrupting (or slowing) the sync with any other activity at all until it's done.  


So why the eye-candy?  Evernote is obviously doing all its housekeeping in the background and will be ready for action when - eventually - the sync is done.


I'd like to suggest an alternative.


Dear Developers,  Please can you look at a way of allowing someone who is reinstalling or moving their application the option of downloading their database like a normal download file in one hit (if they wish) along with the latest installation package.  The download could happen in the background,  over a day or two,  without requiring that I keep Evernote active on my system or even have it installed at that point.  Once I have my install package and the database I can connect everything up and get going.  A sync would still be necessary because I might have changed notes online or via another client;  but it would be a normal 'update' sync rather than a mega-install.


I'm sure there might be operational downsides for Evernote,  but from my current client-side view it sure as heck would improve the user experience when reinstalling or moving the app to another computer.


Just a suggestion...

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