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(Archived) File name of uploaded file via FTP breaks URL


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Hello all! 


My problem: URL of shared files on FTP breaks because of special characters in Gmail, and other sharing tools with our customers.


Degree of annoyance: enough that I'll have to switch to another app. :-(


Example URL that breaks: http://www.mailpoet.com/screenshots/Les_Vins_d_Aurélien_-_Votre_caviste_indépendant_sur_Lille.png


In Gmail, the URL looks like this: 







My question: is there a way in Skitch that the URLs are date based, like the previous version, or another URL without special chars? For example: http://www.mailpoet.com/screenshots/2013-11-15-mm-hh.png

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Are you asking for the filename to be date based, or the URL? If you are asking for the URL to be date based, I'm confused. From what I understand you are using Skitch to capture something and then sending it via FTP somewhere. Then a URL is created to that location using a 3rd party service. Is that correct?

Assuming that you need the file renamed, right now there is no way to do that in Skitch. I suppose you could run a script on your FTP server that just renames the files using the time.



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Lester, thanks for quick reply!


That's correct, I simply upload my screenshots with Skitch, like this:




My previous version of Skitch used to upload my screenshot with a date based file name. Now it takes the name of the window, often with special chars that break URLs in certain email clients, like Gmail, or other software.


Possible solution: allow users to select how Skitch names files, date based or window's name.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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