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(Archived) Linked Excel Files In Evernote

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Hi all,


My Fiance and I are using Evernote to plan our wedding.  We are currently using different Excel files to manage different aspects of our budget planning stored in different workbooks under the same stack.


If the documents were all saved locally we could create linkings between the files to allow us to bring in data from the other file.  Is this possible when the documents are stored in the Evernote DB?  If it is how?


Thank you,





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Can't see how that would be possible.  You could open a workbook from a note,  and it could refresh from another spreadsheet if it had access,  but a spreadsheet stored in a note doesn't have an 'address' to transfer any data in or out.  Closest you could come (IMHO) would be to store the spreadsheets in Dropbox and link to the spreadsheets you use from an Evernote note.  The spreadsheets can talk amongst themselves,  and Evernote can open the note for you from anywhere that you can see the Dropbox files.

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