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(Archived) Photos not appearing on other devices

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Hi, Im new to Evernote and have only set up a few notes so far. I recently made a new note on my ipad and added about 6 photos with text. For some reason the photo's can not be viewed on my other devices - mac, and iphone - although all my other notes are fine. 


Is there a limit to how many photo's you can add to a note? I have upgraded to premium, but still can only view on original note on ipad. 



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Hi - welcome to the forum.  Did you sync your ipad with the server and allow the other devices to sync too?  And how big are the photos - if you're trying to process a large note it may take a while to send back and forth...

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I have a similar issue, I think. Last night I took a couple of picture notes, but they are nowhere to be found this morning, not on the iPhone or on my MAC, and I have hit sync several times. They are not in the trash either. Another note I took yesterday IS there (it had no  photo). It's just the photos that are missing.


I may have done something wrong but I have taken photos before and it worked, so I dunno... 

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