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(Archived) Dows anybody know how Evernote handles support cases?

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I recently filled a couple of support cases one for Evernote for Windows, one for Evernote for Mac and another one for Evernote for Web. All of them stopped working in a way or another when I added 7000+ notes from delicious. The thing is that after an email dialogue with Evernote support all cases were sent to QA (Quality Assurance?) team. And they said that "any further (if any) correspondence will come from QA", and know they dont answer my mails related to those cases anymore.

And that's ok if that means that they are really working on my case, but I'm not sure that QA is working on my case, it has been 3 days and I didn't get even a confirmation that they are able to reproduce any of the problems. Does anybody know how it works? the support handling, I mean. What can I expect from them now that the case is in QA?

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If we've sent it to QA, that means that it is a problem that can't be fixed immediately, it requires testing, and that there is indeed someone working on your issue.

As you mentioned, you may not hear from the QA team directly, and the Support team will have no more information for you on your case - there may just be an update to the service that addresses your issue in the release notes (so, always make sure you update to the latest clients available while you have something that has been sent to QA for testing).

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