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Hello, I'm a newbie so I apologise if I'm asking a dumb question. I've connected my Evernote account inside the new LinkedIn contacts. Now how do I get a note from Evernote and link to one of my contacts? A new notebook has been created called linkedin, but there's no easy way to tell me how to connect it to one of my contacts. By the way I'm not a pro user, could that be the problem?

Many thanks for your assistance, Michael

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Hi Michael, 

I'm not familiar with EN + LinkedIn contacts, however, the way you normally share your notebook, is: (This is Mac Evernote (Client), but Win (Client) should be similar, I just don't remember exactly :-)


This is example/using one of my shared notebooks: 


In Notebooks (view), Mouse-over the notebook you want to share. 

You'll see a box w/arrow graphic. Click on that little box -->  

  You'll see the following:  Military Health Matters, LLC. Notebook (Notebook Name) Public link URL: https://www.evernote.com/pub/militaryhealth/militaryhealthmattersllc.-publicnotebook
Share Notebook

Give others access to view or edit this notebook.

Share With Individuals

If you click on "Share w/Individuals", you'll see the following: 

Collaborate with colleagues, friends and family by allowing them to modify notes in your shared notebook.
Share with individuals
Allow others to view or edit this notebook.
Individuals who join can:
View notes
Individuals can only view notes.
Allow notebook preview without requiring login
Add a message: (optional)


--> Share via email will only permit people whom you've sent/shared the url with - access to the notebook.  If you want to share with 'everybody/public' e.g your social media network, etc.  you just send out or Post the Public URL. At any time you can revoke 'sharing' (making the notebook private again.)


Hope this helped! Karen

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Thank you Karen. After a lot of research, I found how to do it.


There is an app 'Evernote Hello', which after installing, you authorise to connect to LinkedIn. 


I figured out the process:


1. To add a note for a LinkedIn contact, you press the green + button, top right

2. This gives you 3 options; 'Type It In', Scan a business card, Use Hello Connect

3. Use Hello Connect finds users that have the same app as you and you can add them automatically (not sure this is very useful though)

4. I use the 'Type It In' option

5. It gives 2 further options: 'Add from Contacts' or 'enter email address'

6. As I download all my LinkedIn contacts to my iPhone via the LinkedIn app, I just find the person on my phone via 'add from contacts'

7. The Evernote app at that stage makes a connection with my contact via LinkedIn and says 'found a match on LinkedIn'

8. It now creates a contact record inside evernote

9. But it thinks that you've now had a meeting with them at your current location, even though you might not even be with them

10. You can then add a note about your meeting

11. Type up your note and save it. This is saved inside the app and on your regular Evernote (LinkedIn notebook) with a note on the person's record.

12. This is now added also to your LinkedIn record for that person.


Oh my, it is a massive workaround to try and get a note on your LinkedIn contact and as LinkedIn have their own ability to add notes, either via their website or their LinkedIn contacts app, I think I will give this a miss.


I'm sure in the future LinkedIn and Evernote will look at something better, but for now this is not ideal at all.


I wanted to check it out and at least this is here for people to review and decide if they wish to go for the long process.


Many thanks again for your response and success with all your projects.


Kind regards, Michael

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